SRTC Graduate Thriving at University of Maine
The Sanford Regional Technical Center (SRTC) proudly announces Traip Academy Senior Mercedes Swanson as its 2024 Student of the Year. Mercedes is a student from Kittery whose SRTC experience has helped turn her life around and chart her on a course for success in life.   As an underclassman, she faced numerous challenges and needed something to change. Entering SRTC was that change. This pivotal point in her life helped her understand law enforcement and instill a sense of respect, discipline, ethics, integrity, and professionalism.    Some of Mercedes' accomplishments include a sports award for leadership, National Honor Society, National Technical Honor Society, Sanford Regional Technical Center Student of the Year, Vice President of SkillsUSA at SRTC, Sanford Junior Police Cadets Secretary and Sergeant, and Traip Academy academic student of the month. She has also earned her Basic Life Saving certification through the Law Enforcement program.    Mercedes, the daughter of Lori McNally, has set her sights on a future in public service. She aspires to work as a full-time dispatcher while pursuing her 4-year degree. After completing her education, her ultimate goal is to become a victim's advocate, a testament to her compassion and dedication to helping others.    "Mercedes always has a smile on her face and is always willing to lend a helping hand," SRTC Director Matt Petermann said. "She is a hard worker who is determined to make a difference in this world. Congratulations to Mercedes!"  On April 27th, she and the other 26 CTE Students of the Year will be honored at Lewiston Regional Technical Center. Ultimately, Mercedes embraced SRTC and the Law Enforcement program. She can be counted on and will never let you down. She is the consummate team player and has tremendous intestinal fortitude. Mercedes embodies what the Sanford Regional Technical Center is all about!
Sanford Regional Technical Center (SRTC) held its annual Recognition Ceremony on Thursday, May 23rd, to honor the achievements of the 2024 graduating seniors and one-year program completers.  The ceremony began with welcoming remarks from SRTC Director Matt Petermann, followed by senior Mason Van Gieson singing the National Anthem. Superintendent Matt Nelson took the stage to deliver greetings and express gratitude to the SRTC teachers, administrators, support staff, transportation workers, and superintendents from all of SRTC's sending schools.  Petermann returned to the stage to recognize students' accomplishments in SkillsUSA and the National Technical Honor Society.   Assistant Director Michael Redmon then announced the students who received scholarships.  A highlight of the evening was the recognition of SRTC's Student of the Year candidates. Petermann introduced each candidate, sharing insights from their instructors that highlighted their exceptional qualities and accomplishments: Kyla Libby (Noble, Academy of Business) was praised by Ms. Lamoreau for her leadership and expertise. Kyla plans to attend community college before transferring to a four-year university. James Coconis (Sanford, Health Occupations) was commended by Instructor Ms. Holm for his engagement, excellent academic performance, and teamwork. James will attend the University of New England to study Nursing. Kristopher Bataran (Sanford, Precision Manufacturing) was described by Mr. Bolduc as a joy to have in class, having mastered every machine in the shop. Chris will attend Southern Maine Community College for Precision Manufacturing. Wilson Clough (Wells, Plumbing) was praised by Mr. Peck for his readiness to work and willingness to help others. Wilson plans to work in the HVAC field after high school. Aidan Gagnon (Sanford, Engineering Applications with Robotics) was recognized by Mr. Sirios for representing SRTC values through his character and honesty. Aidan will pursue a four-year degree in Engineering. Connor Christensen (Noble, Engineering/Architectural Design) was described by Mr. Clark as the definition of a perfect student, setting the tone with his maturity. Connor plans to study Architectural or Structural Engineering in college. Michael Cousineau(Sanford, Firefighting) impressed nearly everyone he encountered, according to Captain Smith. Michael will continue volunteering as a firefighter while pursuing a college degree. Mel Schaeffer  (Massabesic, Digital Design) was lauded by Ms. Lavgine for her fantastic attendance and work ethic, having won gold at SkillsUSA. Mel aims to study Animation in college. Delaney Noldan(Wells, Video Production) was recognized by Mr. Harmon for her unwavering dedication to producing her best work on every project. Delaney will attend community college before transferring to a university to study Media. Mercedes Swanson (Traip Academy, Law Enforcement) was named the SRTC Student of the Year by her instructor, Tipper Thornton. Some of Mercedes' accomplishments include a sports award for leadership, National Honor Society, National Technical Honor Society, Sanford Regional Technical Center Student of the Year, Vice President of SkillsUSA at SRTC, Sanford Junior Police Cadets Secretary and Sergeant, and Traip Academy academic student of the month. She has also earned her Basic Life Saving certification through the Law Enforcement program.    After program instructors presented recognition certificates to their students, Student Services Counselor Deanna Farrell provided closing remarks, bringing the celebration to a close. In case you missed SRTC's Recognition night, you can watch it on YouTube at this link:
The accomplishments of Jobs for Maine Graduates (JMG) students at Sanford High School and SRTC took center stage at the Performing Arts Center on Tuesday, May 21. Friends, family members, teachers, and school administrators gathered to honor the hard work and successes of the JMG program participants during the annual Closing Ceremony. The event opened with welcoming statements from JMG Specialist Chery Gifford, who oversees the program at SHS Sanford. Throughout the ceremony, multi-year JMG students were recognized with certificates honoring their participation and achievements in the program over multiple years. The graduating seniors in the JMG program were also given special recognition as they get ready to transition to life after high school. A highlight of the event was a slideshow video created by Alissa Letourneau that recapped highlights and memorable moments from the JMG program throughout the school year. All grade levels of JMG participants were honored during the celebratory ceremony. "The closing ceremony is such a great event to showcase the students' year in JMG," said Cheryl Gifford, a JMG Specialist. "The ceremony is student-run, giving them a chance to demonstrate leadership and celebrate their efforts in community service and career research." Gifford also highlighted juniors and seniors who have completed their Career Exploration Badge. The badge is an opportunity to participate in 40 hours of meaningful work experiences facilitated through a designed exploration and reflection process.  SHS and SRTC students had to complete these hours of hands-on employer engagement experiences and online modules utilizing JMG's management system. Students had to document their employer experience. Upon completion, students received an academic award of up to $500.  Over the past two years, 178 SHS and SRTC students have completed their badge, totaling over $88,000 to the Sanford community. The JMG program provides high school students with career preparation, leadership, and hands-on learning experiences to help them succeed after graduation. The annual closing ceremony celebrates the hard work of JMG students over the past school year. The seniors recognized were Maddison Bouchard, Skylar Cabezal, Isabella Dale, Wyatt Flinkstrom, Caitlyn Goode, Zachary Jason, Connor Kingsbury, Emily Knight, Rylee Marr, Eric Norwald, Chloe Phinney, Mollie Poyner, Valerie Randall, William Reed, and Reese Turner.
SRTC Auto Tech Students Secure Third Place in Statewide Ford ACE Contest
Auto tech team
Over one hundred Sanford Regional Technical Center students were inducted into the National Technical Honor Society (NTHS) on Wednesday, May 8th, in the Performing Arts Center.  The ceremony celebrated the achievements of these students in their Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses, highlighting their dedication to skill development and academic excellence.  The evening commenced with opening remarks from NTHS Advisor Stephanie Emmons, followed by SRTC Director Matt Petermann, who made welcome remarks highlighting the significance of the night.  Deanna Farrell, Student Services Counselor for SRTC, was the guest speaker of the evening.  "I'm so impressed that we have several Eagle Scouts in the room," Farrell said in her speech. "We have SkillsUSA medalists, world travelers, Black Belt recipients, athletes. I'm so impressed by how many of you are giving back to our youth. And some of you are literally life savers."  The induction ceremony itself was a culmination of hard work and dedication, as Emmons, Petermann, and Farrell orchestrated the proceedings. Each student was individually recognized for their outstanding contributions, symbolizing their entry into a community committed to excellence.   Established in 1984, the NTHS is the premier honor society for CTE, extending its reach to high schools, career centers, community and technical colleges, and universities. With a mission to recognize and empower students to pursue technical and academic skills essential for today's workforce, the society annually welcomes over 50,000 new members, fostering a community of skilled individuals poised to shape global industries.
Sanford High School and Regional Technical Center JMG students attended a career day event at UNUM in Portland, where they learned about various careers and career paths from employees.  Guest speaker Dajuan Eubanks spoke about the journey that led him to become the Maine Celtics President.  To date, 172 SHS and SRTC students have participated in the Maine Career Exploration Badge.
SCORE with students
AOB at JA Titan
Sanford Regional Technical Center Students Honored by Sanford-Springvale Rotary Club
The Sanford Regional Technical Center presented admissions opportunities to all 10th grade students at our eight partner schools recently. A key part of this presentation is hearing from the students through a panel (of current students who attend both that partner school and SRTC) discussion. These selected students communicated why they chose the program (13 of 22 were represented) they are in and how it may relate to their future plans, what a day in the life of a student looks like (i.e. academic vs applied learning, working with students from 7 other schools who share interests) and then answered any questions their peers in the audience threw their way!  Thank you to the following students for representing both our school and yours so well. Panelists were given a gift card as a small token of appreciation funded by the Melmac Foundation grant.  Below is a list of panelists and most are pictured (1st picture is of AM students and 2nd PM students).  From Kennebunk: Jacob Emmons, Autumn Shaw and Aubree Veilleux; Marshwood: Jaclyn Arnold, Miles Bevan, Ella Montanus and Micaiah Perodin; Massabesic: Elijah Greenleaf, Neveah Kerrigan, Isabella Rohner and Deanna Watson; Noble: Camden Brow, Riley Couture, Emily Mitchell and Alexander Sadowski; Sanford: James Allen-Chaplick, Lailani Everett, Aidan Gagnon, Alexis Hayward and AJ Smith; Traip Academy: Hunter Hillard, Georgia Jackson, Makili Matty and Samantha Saiauski; Wells: Joshua Adams, Benjamin Greve, Teigan Olsen and Lila Sprague; York: Cohen Arpino, Kyle Breckon, Harper Dragon-Sveda and Courtney Williams
Representatives from Bath Iron Works visited Sanford Regional Technical Center on Tuesday, March 26th.    The sessions held both in the morning and afternoon were tailored to cater to SRTC classes interested in exploring career pathways in shipbuilding and repair processes.   Among the representatives were a former welder and trades inspector and a seasoned professional at BIW. The sessions delved into various facets, starting with shipbuilding and defense contracting.    Discussions extended to lifecycle support, where recruiters shared compelling stories of military personnel's experiences and the company's goals.   They also highlighted the five unions in the BIW shipyard, which included mechanics, designers, security, firefighters, and engineers. They detailed the specific trades covered by each union.   The presentations also shed light on job opportunities within the shipyard, unveiling BIW's hiring process. Some of the jobs they highlighted were tradesmen and women, designers, and engineers.
Sanford Regional Technical Center hosted its annual Celebrating Partnerships event on Thursday, March 15th, in the agora of SHS.  The event celebrated students who have earned internships through SRTC programs and was also an opportunity for local partnerships to network with the school and community members.  SRTC Director Matt Petermann and Career Exploration Coordinator Coordinator Katie Schindler expressed their gratitude to all attendees for their support of the students.  A highlight of the event was the student panel, featuring 11 SRTC students who shared insights into their respective programs and internship experiences.   Each student introduced themselves, detailing their program of study and the companies they were interning for. The following students were at the panel: Charlotte Masse, Academy of Business; Kyla Libby, Academy of Business; Cassie Parent, Early Childhood Education; Bella Kimball, Early Childhood Education; Hunter Wildes, Electrical Wiring; Maddox Humphrey, Auto Tech; Max Jones, Auto Tech; Jon Jutras, Electrical Wiring; Danica Park, Electrical Wiring; Melina Allison, Early Childhood Education; Mya Payeur, Early Childhood Education.  Attendees had the opportunity to engage with the students, asking about their preparedness for internships and aspirations for the future. Many of the students highlighted their personal growth since joining SRTC as well as their improved communication and self-esteem since attending programs focused on working with their peers.  Following the panel discussion, Program Advisory Committee members and instructors convened, while new community members were welcomed and given a tour of SRTC.  Snacks and d'oeuvres were provided by Chef John Couture and Culinary Arts students. Pam Durack and students in the Horticulture Program also provided the table arrangements for the event.
SRTC Cosmetology Students Showcase Talents in Nail Art Project
The smell of bacon and bananas foster permeates through the hallways at Sanford Regional Technical Center.  The aroma must be making its way to town, too, because business has been booming since the SRTC Cafe opened.  Chef John Couture and his students in the AM and PM Culinary Arts sessions are cooking up a storm. They will serve breakfast and lunch on Wednesdays and Thursdays through mid-May.  They are fine-tuning their techniques in planning and food preparation, cooking presentation, and serving in a fine dining atmosphere.  The cafe has received rave reviews from guests in the first week.  Reservations can be made at this link:
The Sanford community shined brightly for the school department’s annual Spring Sing Choral Showcase at the Performing Arts Center on Wednesday, March 6th.