Sanford School Department buildings and facilities are valuable community assets and many civic and community groups use them for meetings and events. We are happy to accommodate these groups whenever we can.

All individuals and groups renting space must read and agree to the updated Facility Use Policy and Facility Fee Schedule.

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All facility use requests must be completed online. 

  • To make an online facility reservation request, you will need  a user account.  If you don't already have an account, click here or use the Register icon below. 

    • Be sure to complete all  fields and then click submit. 

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If you're having trouble with the reservation system, check out this PDF guide to help you out!


  1. It is the expectation of the Sanford School Department when using the facilities that all rooms being used will be returned to their original state; that classroom supplies located in, or on the teacher's desk or located in any part of the room will not be used. Nothing is to be removed from any location in the school facility.

  2. Any organization using Sanford School Department facilities must meet insurance requirements and have a current Certificate of Insurance on file with the District. Users must upload a digital copy of their insurance information when requesting a space using the online reservation system.

  3. If there is inclement weather and school has been either cancelled for the day or released early, it is the expectation of the School Department that all non-school activities will not have access to the School Department facilities. It is the responsibility of the booking party to make themselves aware if such cancellation has taken place.

  4. When requesting a space, please include as much detail as possible. Please keep in mind that fees may be charged to offset associated custodial costs.

  5. If you are booking a school kitchen, please contact Holly Hartley (608-8761), School Nutrition Director at least one month prior to your event to schedule school nutrition staff.