Residential SanfordNet Fiber/High Speed Internet Survey

Would enough customers sign up for a super-fast broadband/internet service in Sanford-Springvale to make it self-sustaining?  The City has secured a grant to start the process for residential broadband/internet service.  Through this grant, the City has hired a market research company to gauge public demand for the expansion of SanfordNet Fiber, your community broadband network.

The phone survey – targeting 400 households – will be conducted by Barrows & Associates beginning the week of October 12th to solicit feedback from residents on broadband/high speed internet interest within Sanford-Springvale.

The survey should take only 10-12 minutes.  If you are called, please plan to participate and help us determine the community’s interest in this important project.


Thank you from the City of Sanford and Sanford Regional Economic Growth Council!