Student scholarships

On May 26, seventeen seniors at SRTC  received tool packages or monetary scholarships from the partnership of SRTC and the Home Builders and Remodelers Association of Maine as the recipients of the first annual SRTC/HBRAME Home Building Project Scholarships. Tools of the trade and scholarships were awarded to students who participated in the success of the home building project. The building trades program had been building modular houses for many years when a few years ago the school teamed up with the local branch of HBRAME. This group provided assistance in acquiring national distributors of building materials as donors for building products for the house. They also facilitated a connection to local businesses and contractors who were willing to contribute their products and services for the students to help with the house construction. With this collaborative effort, the home building project has become self-sustaining and able to generate a substantial scholarship fund for the students involved for years to come.  This year’s awards amounted to over $12,000. Students received tools that are vital in starting their careers in construction, electrical wiring or plumbing. Other students received financial awards to help further their education in areas from heavy equipment mechanic to engineering. Pictured left to right are Devin Brown, Wells; Ryan Johnson, Kennebunk; Ryan Guillmette, Sanford; Joshua Chiasson, Noble; D’Lyza Diaz and Connor Sullivan, Marshwood; Grace Davie, Sanford; Gus Stevens, York; Daniel Belanger, Massabesic; Pahtra Mar, Logan Ricker, and Ben Janousek, Sanford. Missing from the photo are: Noah Blouin, Massabesic; Hans Ruediger, Kennebunk; Wade Thomas, Marshwood; Colin Clendaniel and Zach McMurtry, Sanford.