Congratulations to students from the Sanford Regional Technical Center who were recently recognized as Students of the Quarter for the first quarter of the year.  Students who were recognized include:

From the AM Session:

Isabella Bazata, Culinary Arts (Wells)

Gracie Couture, Academy of Business (Noble)

Riley Doughty, Fire Science (Sanford)

Ronald Houle, Engineering Applications with Robotics (Sanford)

Rebecca King, Health Occupations (Sanford)

Lily Knappe, Video Production (Kennebunk)

Leo Laine, Digital Design (Massabesic)

Nicholas Laurendeau, Precision Manufacturing (Sanford)

Jack Marley, Building Trades (Marshwood)

Zachary Neal, Computer and Network Systems (Homeschool)

Melody Pradham, Engineering and Architectural Design (Noble)

Danielle Siraco, Cosmetology (Marshwood)

Mitchell Stevens, Automotive Collision Repair (Kennebunk)

Jake Tanner, Automotive Technology (Massabesic)

Trace Thibault, Career Exploratory (Sanford)

Caleb Thill, Welding and Metal Fabrication (Kennebunk)

Malakai Webber, Emergency Medical Services (Sanford)

From the PM Session:

Delaney Allard, Academy of Business (Noble)

Logan Bennett, Emergency Medical Services (Sanford)

Aric Berry, Digital Design (Noble)

Hayden Bonser, Culinary Arts (Noble)

Jackson Brackett, Computer and Network Systems (Marshwood)

Cadence Brown, Landscaping and Horticulture (Marshwood)

Billy Dame, Automotive Technology (Noble)

Bailey Hayden, Precision Manufacturing (Wells)

Riley Hebler, Health Occupations (Sanford)

Seth Hultstrom, Automotive Collision Repair (York)

Ryan Johnson, Building Trades (Kennebunk)

Ben Mandani, Engineering Applications with Robotics (Traip)

Alana Moretti, Engineering and Architectural Design (Marshwood)

James Morton, Engineering Applications with Robotics (Noble)

Edwin Pease, Career Exploratory (Sanford)

Bowman Rollins, Video Production (Traip)

Camelia Warlo, Cosmetology (Sanford)

Congratulations; we are proud of you!