Skills USA Medalists Announced

Congratulations to all students who were announced as medal winners for the advance competitions in this year’s state Skills USA Competition, especially our SRTC students.  Although the State Competition was cancelled, each year some advance contests are held due to space and other constraints.  Medal winners for these competitions were announced on Monday, and included the following students from SRTC:

Digital Cinema Production: Silver Medal-Team K from SRTC

Jonathan Vitale (Grade 12, Sanford HS)-SRTC Video Production Program

Aidan Wood (Grade 12, Wells HS)-SRTC Video Production Program

Entrepreneurship: Silver Medal-Team A from SRTC

Jacob Laroche (Grade 12, Noble HS)-SRTC Academy of Business Program

Hannah O’Neil (Grade 12, Noble HS) -SRTC Academy of Business Program

Jared Slowik (Grade 12, Sanford HS) -SRTC Academy of Business Program

James Vigue (Grade 11, Home School) -SRTC Academy of Business Program

CNC Milling Specialist: Gold Medal

Kelton Smith (Grade 11, Noble HS)-SRTC Precision Manufacturing Program

Precision Machining Technology: Bronze Medal

Robert Chessie (Grade 12, Massabesic HS)-SRTC Precision Manufacturing Program

The entire medal announcement can be viewed at  Congratulations; we are proud of you!