YCEMA trip

Earlier this year, students in the EMS, Fire Science, and Law Enforcement Programs at SRTC attended an Open House at the York County Emergency Management Agency in Alfred.  We are grateful for sponsorship from YCEMA, which paid for transportation for students to and from the event.  In the words of the EMS students...

"We had a great time on this trip and learned...

  • about the hazardous material team and the equipment they use.
  • about volunteer programs like Pine Tree Search and Rescue and the fire prevention group to educate kids about fires.
  • about the volunteer program at YCEMA
  • about all of the different organizations that work with YCEMA.

We learned a lot from this experience; it was really cool to see all of the different organizations and what they do.  We all had a great time and would love to go again."

Students specifically mentioned how they enjoyed seeing things such as the Life Flight, HAZMAT and combat medics.  Thank you YCEMA for an excellent experience for our students!