4th Grade News

There are so many new parts to our year! We are so relieved to be five days a week and are enjoying in person time with our new students. Like other teachers throughout the district, we are taking extra time throughout the week to focus on everyone's social & emotional well-being. Settling into the newer building has meant many adjustments. The students are trying to be patient while they wait for the playground to be completed.

Mrs. Boivin's class is earning many stickers to choose from the prize box. They are also finding geography full of surprises. Do you know why we have the four seasons? Do you know how many hemispheres there are? They are learning these things and more!

In Stone/Curtis class, the “Fourth Grade Fighters” successfully helped to write a Donors Choose proposal for a 3-D printer. The printer has arrived and been unboxed. We’re looking forward to testing it this week!