News from the 2nd Grade

Grade 2 -Willard Newsletter -   May 17th


The Grade 2 Willard Students have been busy learning about Plants in Mystery Science. We’ve experimented with seed travel and learned about the various sources that support plant growth. We planted radish seeds and nasturtiums and are excited to watch our plants grow!

            In Writing Workshop, we are learning about the genre of persuasive/opinion writing.  We learned about the difference between fact and opinion and how to write a convincing, persuasive piece. In Reading Workshop, we are studying characters and series books.  We are also finishing up the year with our final benchmark evaluation in reading.

            We are nearing the end of our units in Math. The students are experimenting with measurement and learning about the yard and the meter as a unit of measurement. We are also strengthening  our skills in addition of two and three digit numbers. The children are learning how to apply various strategies and the practice of showing their work step by step.

            We are continuing to connect daily in our Morning Meetings where we come together as a class community to talk about our day, share personal stories and play a fun learning game.

            Despite the difficulties of this unprecedented year, we’ve bonded, grown and supported each other. Our grade 2 students have made gains academically and emotionally and have shown tenacity and flexibility.

            We are all so proud of each and every one of them!