At her core, even through challenging budgets and especially disciplinary measures as principal, Sharon Remick exemplified love: Love for children, loving support for her colleagues, passion for community, and a penchant for clicky shoes and fun-loving fashion!
Over the past week, Margaret Chase Smith Elementary held its concert series, with performances by students in grades K-4. The performances culminated with the 4th grade concert on Thursday, May 30th, also serving as the 4th grade promotion ceremony.  Each grade performed a repertoire of songs they had been practicing, displaying the musical skills they had developed over the year.   The music selections were carefully chosen by music teacher Heather Hastings to be both fun and educational.  "I listen to and evaluate lots of songs in early and mid-February and choose the final list of contenders by the time vacation rolls around," Hastings said. "While I do look for 'fun and catchy,' I also seek out songs that support current learning and are developmentally appropriate for students."  In addition to singing, the concerts showcased other musical skills the students have been developing. Pieces like "Follow My Rhythms" demonstrated their growing rhythm literacy, with more complex rhythms for older grades.   Other performances incorporated movement to visually represent the music or warmups that highlighted skills like ensemble listening.  A highlight was the 4th grade chorus performance of a song they voted on themselves. The song was a culminating musical experience before their promotion to middle school.  The concerts did not just exhibit performance skills, but provided a window into the well-rounded music curriculum at MCS.   "Our performances are only a small window into what happens in the music classroom daily," Hastings said. "I'm always looking for ways to better showcase all that we learn and do."  The promotion ceremony following the 4th grade concert celebrated the students' accomplishments over their elementary years. An end-of-year video highlighted memories; students were recognized for their achievements and participation.
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The Portland Symphony Orchestra's talented String Quartet paid a special visit to Carl J. Lamb Elementary School, Sanford Pride Elementary School, and Margaret Chase Smith School this past Thursday, May 9th. The musicians treated students to a lively performance that blended music, storytelling, and interactive elements.  The centerpiece of the presentation was Leo Lionni's children's book Swimmy. As a member of the quartet narrated the tale of the brave little fish, the other musicians underscored the story with excerpts from classical compositions. The sounds of the violin, viola, and cello evoked the mysteries of the deep blue sea, which served as the setting for Swimmy's adventures.  The quartet encouraged students to join in on the fun by performing hand motions mimicking the movements of the fish characters. Children waved their hands to depict Swimmy swimming, the larger fish chasing him, and other events from the beloved story.  The musicians also introduced their orchestral instruments to the young audience members. They demonstrated the unique tones produced by plucking, bowing, and striking the strings in different ways.
Margaret Chase Smith Pre-K students held another showcase on Monday, April 29th, highlighting their new knowledge in Unit 5: Shadows and Reflections.  The students learned how to explore the properties of light and the ways it benefits people and animals.  Children learned the science of shadows and reflections through hands-on investigations and exploration.  In small groups and centers, children explored how light conveys feelings, emotions, and ideas in art and design.  The students demonstrated some of their new learning by modeling how to use centers with their siblings and parents.
MCS Pride PTA hosted a Plant and Play family engagement opportunity on Sunday afternoon! Thank you to all the families who showed up to plant new bulbs and clean up around the school. Thank you to Eldredge Lumber, who donated the mulch to make this project happen.
On Friday, April 12th, Margaret Chase Smith students participated in another fantastic health and wellness fair.   There were many opportunities for students to engage in activities that promoted their physical, emotional, and mental well-being.  From personal safety and CPR training sessions to hands-on activities like planting seeds and practicing meditation, students had the chance to explore various aspects of wellness in a fun and interactive environment.   Additionally, they learned about the importance of the 5-2-1-0 principles for healthy living while enjoying coloring, face painting, and card decorating activities.
Kindergarten Registration
Wellness Fair
MCS's Reading Under the Sea Event Draws Over 120 Participants
Boomer, Bruce the Moose, and Chase made a special appearance at Margaret Chase Smith on Friday for its assembly.  They were excited to introduce a new baseball-themed reading challenge to encourage a love for reading among MCS students.  Just like baseball requires practice and dedication, so does reading. By participating in this challenge, your child will have fun and develop essential literacy skills.  Each student will receive a permission slip to sign up. Students track the number of minutes they have read in 15-minute increments.   After they have completed four hours of reading, they will receive two free tickets to a Sanford Mainers game! Students must return the permission slip by April 1st to receive their reading log.
It was a ‘Sharon thing’ MCS to name library to honor Principal Sharon Remick
The Sanford community shined brightly for the school department’s annual Spring Sing Choral Showcase at the Performing Arts Center on Wednesday, March 6th.
The Sanford School Department is spotlighting employees at all of our schools. If you know an employee who you feel should be highlighted, please email Sam Bonsey at This spotlight is on Margaret Chase Smith Second Grade Teacher Christine Hoegen.
New Kindergarten Student Early Registration Event
In a display of community camaraderie and spirited competition, Sanford First Responders and Teachers recently took to the basketball court for a charity game on Thursday, February 15th.   The event saw Sanford Pride and Margaret Chase Smith Elementary school staff lace up their sneakers and face off against Sanford’s first responders.  While the primary goal was to help Sanford children, the game also allowed individuals from different sectors of the community to come together, fostering a sense of unity and goodwill.  The significance of events like these extends far beyond the final score. Not only do they provide a platform for charitable giving, but they also serve as a reminder of the power of community collaboration.
Students have written unique four-beat compositions using quarter notes, paired eighth notes, and quarter rests.
Over 400 Margaret Chase Smith students and families attended the school's first Sweetheart Dance on Friday, February 2nd.
AWS Fundraiser
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