Local Author, Martha Couture, Visits CJL's Kindergarteners
Sanford Schools Art Show
CJL's Emma Harmon - 4th in the Nation
CJL's own Gavin Ericson, a Winning Gymnast
3D Printed Cars
Third Grade Preps for MEAs!!
Spencer is teaching the group how to care for the worms.
Girls on the Run begins our second season!
Children’s Alopecia Project
Students Skype
Mrs. Allaire's Third Graders Enjoy the CJL Health Fair!
Mrs. McCall's Class at the Health Fair
Mrs. Gillis’s Second Graders Enjoy CJL’s Health Fair
First Grade Nonfiction Writing Celebration!
The Children's Dentistry Visits First Grade
Wabanaki posters and projects lining the walls in the 5th grade pod!
February's Honesty Theme Bulletin Board at CJ
CJL's Kindness Door Decorating
Celebrating Tropical Day in Style