Students Skype

On Monday, Kay Wilkins Hosted a Fantastic Health Fair at CJL!  Part of the Health Fair included three classes Skyping to Florida with Technology Integrator Deb Rosa.   Mrs. Greene,  Mrs. Lapointe, and Mrs.  Sullivans'  classes each had a separate lesson on technology safety,  media choices, the Internet community, and healthy internet choices.  Ms Rosa introduced the topics, and students discussed questions in small groups and came back into a large groups setting to discuss with Ms Rosa via Skype.  The '1600 mile lesson 'was informative, interactive and fun on both sides.  A Huge Thank You to Dennis Wilson - Tech Expert, for setting up Skype in the classroom, getting handouts to teachers and students, and being part of the lessons!  If you are interested in Skyping with Ms Rosa for lessons in technology, please e-mail me at: