Winter Weather

November 8, 2022

 Dear Sanford School Department Parents and Guardians,

 Although it may seem unlikely given the unseasonably warm weather, winter is just around the corner. Therefore, it's time to remind everyone of our protocols to keep students and staff safe when inclement weather arrives.  We have five storm days that have been built into our calendar.  Our last day of school is scheduled for Tuesday, June 6th if we use no snow days; for every day that school is cancelled due to weather, we will add a make-up day starting with June 7th.  If we have to use more than five storm days, we will consider remote school days and having families register to receive ‘shelf-stable snow meals’ in advance which would allow us to count the ‘shelf-stable storm meal day’ as a remote school day and avoid making up additional time in June. 


  1. If a school day needs to be delayed, cancelled or shortened due to the weather or for any other reason, a message will be sent out from our website and app.  Please be sure that we have your current contact information in Infinite Campus so you’ll be kept up to date.  Please check with your school’s office if you have any questions about the information we have on file.  Parents and guardians can use their Infinite Campus parent portal to make updates.  Still need some help?  Please contact Anne L’Heureux for assistance at (207) 608-8703 or .
  2. Delays, cancellations and early release information will also be posted as early as possible with the following media outlets:   
        TV stations:                     Channels 6, 8 13 (Channel 6 has a text alert option available!)          
  3. When a school day is cancelled or students are released early, school buildings will be closed to all activities – including sports and practices – unless extenuating circumstances exist.
  4. Under certain circumstances, school may be delayed by one or two hours to allow city crews time to take care of the roads and to allow contractors and staff time to get our buildings opened up.  Lunches will be served at the normal time; schools will close at the normal time.  If school is delayed on an early release Wednesday, students will still be released early and professional development will still take place.
  5. If early dismissal becomes necessary, website messages and media notifications will be made by 12:00 noon.
  6. You may not always agree with my decision to cancel or postpone school.  Remember, parents and guardians have the final decision regarding their child’s safety.  If you feel it is too dangerous for your child to attend school, please keep him/her home – just call the school and let them know.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.  I know changes to the school day often make it difficult for parents but I must take everyone’s safety into consideration when threatening weather is predicted.  


Matt Nelson, Superintendent of Schools