Dear Parent/Guardian,

I am happy to share with you that school meals will be free again this year. Each student is eligible to receive one breakfast and one lunch each school day. Please be advised that meals must meet all federal and state guidelines in order to be free of charge and items such as cold lunch milk and snack drink are not included.

Your child will receive a detailed letter and application for free/reduced meal price benefits in the back to school packet. All families are encouraged to submit an application prior to September 30. Applications may also be completed online at

Household income helps to determine state and federal funding to support your school’s educational, nutrition, and enrichment programs.  Eligibility to serve summer meals and participate in the federal Fresh Fruits and Vegetable Program is based on the percentage of eligible students.  

We will return to using our point of sale software and are ask for your help in getting your child familiar with their student ID prior to their first day of school.

Please feel free to reach out to me with comments, questions or for assistance with the application process. 


Holly Hartley, School Nutrition Director