Emma Harmon, Archer - Photo Credit: TAMMY WELLS/Journal Tribune

In this picture, "Emma Laconte watches as Emma Harmon draws back her bow and prepares to shoot an arrow during the USA Archery state championships at Black Sheep Archery in Sanford on Saturday." TAMMY WELLS/Journal Tribune  

Tammy Wells writes, "In the early days, archery was used in hunting and combat, according to the World Archery Association.  These days, it is a competitive sport, one that inspires both young people and adults.  Just ask Emma Harmon of Sanford, who started with the North Star Rangers — the local USA Archery group — a year ago, when she was 9.  “My mom was telling me about it, and I said I’d try it out,”  she said after her turn. “I instantly loved it.  I love the teamwork, I love being here,” Harmon said.

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