Spooky Gym

Hi CJL Families, 

Mr. E's Spooky gym at CJL is a teamwork/cooperative activity that allows students to use the skills they learned on equipment to solve the problem. Climbing, balance, strength and problem solving are all important skills being used. The problem is that they need to escape the haunted house, using the equipment they can find, without touching the floor.  ALL students need to get out so helping others is a key component.  Finding the easiest way is crucial because running out of time is the most common way of failing the challenge.  3 Classes were able to solve the problem.  Mrs. Belanger's, Ms. Meehl's, and Mrs. Lapointe's classes made celebratory videos that I have emailed those teachers to share with their students' families.   Congratulations to all who tried their best.  In Mr. E's famous words, "If you had fun, you won!"  Thanks, Mr. E for making school so much fun while learning!