Fall donations
Good morning,
     This past Saturday Carl J. Lamb School grounds were made beautiful once again! Our sincere appreciation goes to the family, friends, and staff who came with tools in tow to help! In just two hours, the front garden was weeded and mulched, the front walkway was weeded and swept, trees were mulched, the playgrounds were cleaned up of snack wrappers that have blown away while on mask breaks, plus any sticks that have fallen from branches were cleared.  Walkways were cleared of leaves and sand, and wood chips that had washed away in the rain were put back where they belong.  
     We feel like we got an up-do! We feel the love and wanted to express our gratitude to all of our compassionate volunteers.  To see the service to the school from so many families was inspiring, but I am especially proud of the children who helped.  Thank you so much to the family who donated the fall decor.  Thank you to the family who showed up a day early and took excellent care of our moose out front.  Carl (I call him Carl) looks amazing! 
     Please enjoy these photos, especially the before and after photo of the front! Wow! What a day! Thank you, CJL PTA!beforeafterparent pick up mums