20-30 years of service to CJL
CJL celebrated 30 years! We had field day, a BBQ, cake, popsicles, and played bingo while donning our new 30th anniversary T-shirts made by Kristen Hill!  We got to thank our much loved PTA co-president, Amy Sevigny, for her years of service, plus our other fantastic officers and volunteers.  Our staff received certificates that recognized their years of service to our school and those with 20-30 years of service can be seen in the blue T-shirt’s.  We have four staff who have been with us for all 30 years, who also received hoodies, Deb Smith, Dave Eldridge, Sheila Sylvestre, and Holly Hartley!!! The fourth graders have created a slide show which I sent in a live feed yesterday to honor this great celebration and Mrs. Miliano wrote CJL trivia for the morning announcements for the weeks leading up to the event.  It was a day to remember!  We love CJL and all its children and staff! CJL loves and appreciates our supportive community too! Thanks for all the memories! Looking forward to making more!