P.E. with Mr. E. - Newly finished shiny gymnasium floor

This summer, our custodial, technology, and maintenance crews were hard at work at CJL.  I want to take a few minute to share some of our upgrades that we're so proud of!  I'll end with some upcoming exciting news and an invitation to join our amazing PTA! 

In addition to re-keying all of our interior and exterior doors, a new vestibule was built in the lobby to increase safety and security at CJL.  While some additional cameras are up and running, we'll soon receive a few automatic key card swipers for our staff in several locations of the building.  

We love the look of the new lobby ceiling, lights, and paint as well as the new paint and lighting in the lobby bathrooms.  

In the main office, our old countertop that was lifting and held together with tape has been replaced with this beautiful maple.  Our admin assistants of 33 years, Mrs. Hurley and Mrs. Mallon, have enjoyed decorating their upgraded space (seen here still under construction). 

Electrician, Brian Richards, added new lighting in our lobby, bathrooms, and this stairwell with the help of his son, CJL 4th grader, Ian Richards.  Mom, Kristy Richards, is our behavior coach. 

A special thanks to Jason Dudley, Director of Maintenance and his staff, Mike Deshaies - CJL Head Custodian, Dan Drisko, Jim Meunier, and Mark Lessard - CJL custodial staff, and Kerry Hanson - Director of Technology for their hard work with summer.  Thank you to contractors Lester Delano and his crew, Brian Richards, and Steve LaFrance for their work as well! 

Upcoming Soon: Playground equipment, draining solutions, key card swipers, weeding, painting, a PTA meeting, and a CJL playground party... 

For the last 8-9 years our community partners and PTA volunteers, with the help of our families and friends, have been saving to replace a large piece of playground equipment that was installed when the school was built in 1990.  This year, the PTA, in partnership with the Sanford School Department, and Sanford's Legacy Foundation, will see this project through to fruition.  Work will soon begin to solve a drainage issue on the large playground and new play structures are also coming soon.  We hope to be able to host our Playground Party on Sept. 28th as planned, although the project will be completed after that date.  Our PTA will be looking for volunteers to help with some painting, weeding of our front garden beds, clean up of the playgrounds, and possible construction of the new equipment.  For more information, please plan to attend our first PTA meeting on Thursday, Sept. 14th, 2023 at 6pm in the newly air conditioned library!  To be a voting member, it costs $5 cash one time per year.  We hope to see you there! 

It's been exciting to see all that has been done so far this year at CJL and we want to thank our community partners, donors, volunteers, custodial, technology, maintenance staffs, and contractors plus the Sanford School Department, for the heart and soul they've poured into this development of our great school! We appreciate all of you! 

Mrs. Sherri Baron, principal

Carl J. Lamb Elementary School