"Go do good things."  Advice from a father to his graduating daughter decades ago became a message for adult learners as they celebrated their own educational milestone.   Jayne Perkins, Director of Sanford Community Adult Education, passed on her father's words of wisdom at SCAE's graduation ceremony, urging the Class of 2024 to carry this simple yet powerful message into their futures on Wednesday, June 12th, in the school’s library.  "You are examples of what hard work and determination can do," she said. "Do not stop now. Keep working. Keep pushing yourself forward. Lead by example."  Superintendent Matt Nelson opened the ceremony with words of welcome. He highlighted the Class of 2024's ability "to do hard things." The students graduating on Wednesday had each taken different paths, embraced obstacles, and tackled challenges.  "Everyone has a story," Nelson said. "And the stories of our graduates tonight are some of the best stories with some of the happiest endings."  Following Nelson's remarks and Pledge of Allegiance, SCAE graduates Alina Randall and Savana Summers took the podium to give speeches on their journeys.  Randall recognized the challenges each student had to face and overcome in her speech.  "Our journey has been anything but easy," Randall said. "It has been a testament to the resilience, determination, and unwavering spirit of perseverance."  Summers discussed her struggles growing up and how her life changed when she became a mother. She knew she had to rewrite her story entirely and said returning to school to earn her HiSet wasn't just a goal but a mission. It was an opportunity to pave a new path for her and her family.  "I had to become the person my children look up to," she said. "I was focused not only for my family, but also to pursue my dream of becoming a cosmetologist."  Following student speeches, Perkins and Operations Manager Lisa Merlin presented scholarships to students. Caitlyn Beane, Randall, and Paul Peck received scholarships generously donated by Senior College and Sanford-Springvale Rotary. Summers received the Patricia A. Hughes Scholarship, given by the Maine Adult Education Association to students who seek to further their education beyond high school.   Peck received another scholarship donated from Central Maine Community College. Peck, Beane, Randall, Summers, Brett Smith, Elliot Osmer, Aubrey Robinson, Christian King, Shantell Johnson, and Kaydynce Dunlap also received scholarships donated by the University of Maine at Augusta.  Summers also received a special scholarship from Mainely Characters, donated by Ed Gardner and Marsha Weston, who are both on the organization's Board of Directors.   State Office Representative Pamela Buck then spoke to deliver a comment from U.S. Senator Susan Collins.   "The diploma each of you receive is proof of your ability to discipline yourself, to set clear goals, and drive towards those goals," Collins said in a statement.  Congratulations to the following graduates: Caitlyn Beane, Thomas Bereshny, Stephen Briggs, Ryan Conley, Logan Delzell, Kaydynce Dunlap, Aidden Hayward, Chloe Hilton, Shantell Johnson, Christian King, Isaac Millington, McKenzie Nell, Elliot Osmer, Joshua Ouellette, Paul Peck, Alina Randall, Deshaun Severe, Brett Smith, Jordan Stuart, Savana Summers, John Ward, and Ann-Marie Varnell.
Job Fair!
An Assistant Fire Chief from the Sanford Fire Department recently made a captivating visit to the Multi-Language Learners classes at Sanford Community Adult Education (SCAE).  During the interactive session, the Assistant Fire Chief delved into crucial topics beyond basic fire safety, engaging learners with practical insights on navigating emergencies effectively.   Participants gained invaluable knowledge on initiating contact with emergency services, deciphering the pertinent questions they might encounter, and understanding the sequential procedures emergency personnel implemented upon arrival.  The impact of the visit extends beyond mere instruction. As part of the ongoing commitment to empowering learners, the Assistant Fire Chief announced plans to return to SCAE with a fire engine and firefighters clad in their protective gear.   This hands-on experience will provide an immersive learning opportunity, enabling participants to familiarize themselves with emergency responders and equipment, thus further fortifying their confidence and preparedness in real-life scenarios.
Job Fair!
Job Fair!
Job Fair 2/15/24
Job Fair
Sanford Community Adult Education’s author visit with Ashlee Ridlon was hugely successful.
Author Visit
Job Fair 1/18/24
1/16/24 SCAE closing at noon