Looking for jobs in the tech industry?

TechHire is a 4-million dollar grant to grow the IT sector here in Maine and our goal is to place 500 individuals into a middle or high skilled IT position by the end of June 2020 which is when our funding ends. In addition, TechHire is a statewide career pathways program to connect individuals, primarily youth and young adults ages 17-29, to training, employment experiences, and careers in IT and computing field. The idea behind the TechHire program, and similar programs across the country, is to promote skills-and competency-based hiring, versus only hiring individuals who have a certain level of education. One of the central tenets of the program model is employer engagement: employers provide input on the most relevant training for open roles and specify the most important skills they look for in candidates.

Program Features Include:

  • On-the-job career development, including internships and paid work experiences
  • Acquisition of industry recognized credentials and sector specific skills
  • Individualized education and training plans based on participants’ needs
  • Support services to meet your basic employment needs, i.e. transportation assistance, child care, access to a laptop for additional training needs
  • Access to the TechHire network of IT/CS employers throughout Maine

The goal is to get clients through training and placed in an IT position by mid-2020!

SCAE does the preliminary required testing and the referral to Goodwill Workforce to start you on your way to an IT Career!  Call us today 490-5145 ask to speak to Lisa Blanchette about TechHIRE testing or she can provide you with contact information if you have questions to ask of our contacts at Goodwill Workforce.