Spot Light on SCAE Instructor Linda Lavertu

Linda Lavertu Has Enjoyed a Long Career  With SCAE

Nearly 30 years ago, Springvale native Linda Lavertu  was looking for teaching opportunities, after  being at home raising her children when they were young.  “When I decided to return to teaching, I chose  to work at SCAE,” Linda says. “I knew several people who had attended and/or worked there, and they had great things to say about the program. I was offered a job, was up for the challenge, and the rest is history!”

Over the past 29 years Linda has taught reading, writing and mathematics classes. Currently, her focus is on teaching math. “I really enjoy teaching math,” Linda says. “Many students did not have good math experiences in school.  I try to get them involved and interested through participation, hands-on projects and I always connect math skills to the real world. Paying attention to students’ needs, building self-confidence and letting them know you care does amazing things.”

Linda, a graduate of Sanford High School and Plymouth State College in New Hampshire, lives in Sanford with her husband of 41 years, Tom.  The couple has two sons and two granddaughters.

Even though she has been with SCAE for nearly three decades, Linda still brings excitement to her job. She says the challenges of teaching math to adults – some who may have been out of school for many years – has been very rewarding.  “To help students learn, grow and succeed is so gratifying and wonderful,” she says. “They accomplish things they never thought they would with our help and by working very hard.

Linda particularly enjoys the sense of teamwork she feels at SCAE. “We have a terrific staff, and we all work together to do what's best for our students,” she says.

Linda particularly enjoys the program’s graduation ceremonies. “I think SCAE graduations say it all,” she says. “Some students go on to college, some get jobs and some take more classes with us. Some of our students just want to be able to say they have a high school diploma or high-school equivalency. No matter what the circumstance, every students feels so good  about him/herself and what they have accomplished. When you know you have helped, that’s what teaching  is all about.”

SCAE Director Allen Lampert  is glad  Linda has made a career working for the adult education program. “Linda has always provided our program outstanding instruction and cares deeply about our students,” he says. “SCAE has been incredibly lucky to have her on our team.”