Angie Speaks at SJHS

Angie Lambert is a native of Cusco, Peru who has been in America for four years.  While in Peru, she worked as an elementary school teacher as well as a school psychologist with a focus on students with special needs.  In spite of the adversity Angie has faced since coming to America, she is endlessly selfless, compassionate, giving, and thoughtful.  Daily, she connects with those around her to ensure they have their needs met, while raising two young sons of her own.  Most recently, she and her friend and their children have been collecting bottles to redeem for money so that they may purchase food for families living in extreme poverty in Peru.

The JMG (Jobs for Maine Grads) students at Sanford Junior High School heard about Angie’s contributions to her community and to the world.  They rallied the student body to participate in a schoolwide bottle drive as well as a penny drive.  The proceeds from the bottle drive will add to the food fund that Angie and others have started.  

On Thursday, May 9th, Angie spoke at an assembly at Sanford Junior High School, emphasizing both the internal and external importance and impact of kindness.  Sanford students then honored Angie as their Pay it Forward recipient this year.  In partnership with local businesses and agencies, Angie was awarded with gift cards, a scholarship to the YMCA, and repair / maintenance of her car.

We are so lucky to have Angie here at SCAE—both  as a student who is looking to perfect her command of the English language and as a teacher of Spanish.  If you see Angie, say hi and congratulate her!

Article written by SCAE Instructor Nichole Ivey