Chromebooks ! Promethean! iPads! 

Integration of Technology in Sanford Schools.....

Sanford Schools boasts a variety of technology to assist teachers and students as they work to meet their teaching and learning goals.  In addition, a technology integrator and 4 tech support personnel keep things moving every day.

We are pleased that the entire K-12 student population is assigned a device that will assist them when accessing online content provided by the district.  Much of the math curriculum and many support programs are delivered via the technology resources available in the classrooms.  

In K-5 classrooms all students are assigned an iPad.

In grades and 8-12 all students are assigned a chromebook.

In grades 6 & 7 the state MLTI program provides students and staff with Macbook Air laptops.

Staff K-12 have Macbook Air laptops.

Libraries have additional devices that can be used by teachers in groups or individually as projects require different tools.