Technology Staff

Joan Wright, Technology Director Tim Brownell, District Tech Lead
Valerie Owen , MLTI Tech Lead, Technician 9-12 Craig Treadwell, Technician 3-12
Dennis Wilson, Technician K-8 Deb Rosa, Technology Integration K-8
Andrea Cole, Technology Integration K-12


Frequently used web addresses

Common Sense Media Destiny Web Library resource all sites
Library circulation, eBooks and research
Math Resources from K-5 Math Coach

Enchanted Learning
Resources for K-8 ( activities and prints)
Free Technology for Teachers
Great resources from Richard Byrne
Kahn Academy
Online tutorials
Pebble Go!
Primary grade level research
Student & Teacher Technology Standards
Student Technology Standards

Chromebooks! Grades 9-12 & Grade 6

All of the district online curriculum will be used with the Chromebooks. Responsibilities will be the same: students may choose to take the Chromebook home as long as they have paid the protection plan fee. Devices that are not covered will remain in the school and charged overnight.

Stay tuned as teachers from Sanford High keep you up to date with more information about the Chromebook implementation.

If you travel the halls of Sanford Junior High you will see the students in grade 6 moving about with Chromebooks firmly in hand. These devices are ASUS laptops and are in their third year in the hands of students.   Teachers are using the Chromebooks on a daily basis to complete tasks within google documents and google classroom. Both of these tasks enable students to collaborate with others or to send paperless copies to their teachers. Students are also using Wevideo to create finished products in many of their classes.  They are incorporating the skills of writing, editing, illustrating and creating media (movies) using the chrome app "wevideo". It is very much like the iMovie app.