Video Production

In the Video Production program students learn the art of video production which includes scriptwriting, planning and the proper way to frame camera shots and editing. You will have the opportunity to work with the same state of the art equipment the professionals use. Many students who take this class continue to study media in college and have a jump start on their learning as a result.

Students who enroll in this exciting two-year course will get a head start on a career in the media field. The first year explores the basics of video production and journalism. Students will learn digital video camera operation, non-linear editing, audio, lighting, staging, script writing, story-boarding, and broadcast announcing. Students will have the opportunity to produce their own TV shows. Candidates for this program must be highly motivated and effective team players. Requirements: solid writing skills and a demonstrated interest in creative pursuits are preferred.

The second year is devoted to higher production standards and longer pieces. The second-year student is expected to create more sophisticated television programming and video projects, including short films, which may be entered into competitions. Students will leave this course with a portfolio, which will assist them in applying to colleges and finding jobs in the media field. Advanced productions will appear on WSSR-TV.