Academy of Business

The Academy of Business is to two-year dual enrollment program that is designed to provide students with an opportunity to focus on four areas of business:  Finance, Marketing, Management and Entrepreneurship. After successful completion of the program, students can utilize lessons learned to further their education after high school, enter the workforce or continue to be productive citizens.  Junior and Senior students who are accepted in the two-year program will be part of a dual-enrollment opportunity through Thomas College. Upon successful completion of the program, they may earn up to 12 college credits for FREE. This is a savings of almost $12,000 before they leave high school. It’s good business!!!  These credits can be taken with them to whatever college they attend after high school (pending transfer requirements/restrictions). The curriculum is challenging as it is college-based. Many students who have completed two years in the Academy of Business will have a full semester of college completed before leaving high school. 

Dual Enrollment Credit Opportunities from Thomas College:


FN125 Personal Finance Literacy                                                                                  3 college credits

Introduces students to important elements of personal finance, with a primary outcome being the development of a basic personal/family financial plan. They will learn how to establish a monthly budget of income and expenses, establish good credit, be introduced to basic savings and investment strategies, and conduct efficient purchases utilizing cost/benefit and risk analysis. The management of personal loans, student loans, credit and debit card use, and checking accounts will also be covered. Students will develop financial management skills that include application of effective tax strategies, successful negotiation of mortgage and automobile loans, management of equity lines, and the evaluation of insurance options including life, health, and disability. Some basic market investment strategies, including the choice to invest in stocks, mutual funds, bonds, government securities, and other investments that entail financial risk.

MK116 Principles of Marketing                                                                                    3 college credits

Provides students with an introduction to the role of marketing and the process involved in developing a marketing mix for a new product. Topics covered include marketing functions, product development, channels of distribution, market segmentation, pricing policies, product life cycle, and promotional activities. Students will complete a project developing a product that incorporates the marketing mix.


MG224 Management Principles                                                                                    3 college credits

Provides students with a strong foundation in the four functions of management - planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. While the focus of the course is to familiarize the student with the terminology and concepts of management, through discussions and class activities, students will have the opportunity to examine and apply, when appropriate, various theories and concepts about managing effectively in this rapidly changing, globally competitive environment.

MG347 Entrepreneurship                                                                                              3 college credits

This course introduces students to Entrepreneurship inside and outside the organization. The special problems of small businesses are considered. Students study the management and marketing skills necessary to succeed as an independent business owner. This course incorporates lectures, guest speakers, case studies, and business plan preparation.

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