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Documents & Information needed in order to participate in SMS Athletics:

**A Physical from a Doctor must be on file with the SMS Nurse (Shawnda LaPointe) ( in order to participate. One year extensions have been granted by the Department of Education allowing a physical to be good for 3 years instead of 2. If your physical is in the 3rd year, you will need to fill out the Physical Extension Form below. Physical Extension Form

School Nurse Fax #: 207-490-5139 **Students Will Not be allowed to participate without a physical on file.

**Return to Play Protocol if you have been diagnosed with Covid-19, a separate physical form is needed from your Doctor in order to participate**

Forms Needed In Order to Participate

**Physical from a Dr. on File with SMS Nurse**

  1. Athletic Code/Concussion Policy (Must be filled out and Signed)

  2. Insurance/Emergency Information Form (Must be filled out and Signed)

  3. Assumption of Risk Form (Must Have Signed)

  4. Impact Test = Must be Completed

  5. School Accident Insurance (If you don't have insurance)

SMS Main Office
Phone: 207-324-3114
Fax: 207-490-5139

SMS Athletic LiaisonNate Mann (

Have a Great Season!!!!!!!!