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SMS Athletic Director = Nate Mann (nmann@sanford.org)


Fall Sports "Skills & Drills" 

  1. 7th & 8th Boys Soccer
  2. 7th & 8th Girls Soccer
  3. 6th, 7th & 8th Girls Field Hockey
  4. 6th, 7th & 8th Boys and Girls Cross Country

Due to the Covid-19 State Emergency, no games or meets will take place during the 2020 Fall Sports Season:(  However, Sanford Middle School is excited to provide the opportunity for students to participate through Fall Sports Practices (Skills & Drills) between October 26th through November 13th!!!!!!!  

Students will be able to participate two days a week. Students who attend school on A days will have practice on Monday's and Thursday's. Students who attend school on B days will have practice on Tuesday's and Friday's. No practices will take place on Wednesdays. Students who attend school in person Full-Time and Full-Time Distance Learners will be asked to choose either an A day or B day to participate. Practice times will be from 2:30- 4:00. Meet at Blouin Field. Cross Country participants will meet in Room #194 and practice from 2:30-3:30. Locker rooms are available so long as social distancing is maintained and masks are worn.

**Sign-Up Links**

Cross Country (6th, 7th & 8th Grade): https://forms.gle/WiQnT1TzjjsJVgM37

6th, 7th & 8th Girls Field Hockey: https://forms.gle/eAq2MLb74mrQwki8A

7th & 8th Boys Soccer: https://forms.gle/vmGEpwy5ZTC6KAgf8

7th & 8th Girls Soccer: https://forms.gle/xRUmaijkdqGpLAXM8

**Students MUST have a Physical from a Doctor on file with the SMS Nurse in order to participate**  If you have have any questions or need to turn one in, you can email it to (slapointe@sanford.org) or Fax: 207-490-5139.

The Following three forms are needed in order to participate in SMS Athletics.  You can download them below and hand them in to your coach if you would prefer!!

  1. Athletic Code/Concussion Policy
  2. Insurance/Emergency Information Form
  3. Assumption and Acknowledgement of Risk

All Questions pertaining to SMS Sports should be directed to the SMS Athletic Liaison = Nate Mann = nmann@sanford.org.

Have a Great Season!!!!!!!!