Welcome to Sanford Junior High School!

I have had the opportunity to be a part of this wonderful school for 17 years. It is a place that fosters teamwork and excels in core values. SJHS is a school where students and staff connect in authentic learning opportunities and together exemplify pride. Our staff works hard to create situations for all children to reach their goals. My favorite parts of the day are walking through the classrooms and observing positive peer culture as well as connections with teachers and students. Each classroom brings its own unique style that empowers students to continue growing both academically and socially.

As Principal of SJHS, I want to provide families with an overview of your child’s school year and the work we are doing to ensure a top quality education for every child who attends Sanford Junior High School.

Our focus continues to be meeting students’ individual needs and providing engaging and relevant learning through a variety of experiences. Individual student needs and interests are discovered through our teachers having conversations with your child and conducting interest and learning styles. Teachers work hard to determine where students are in every subject area and progress them from there. This allows students more time and opportunities to learn if need be or the ability to move on to new learning if they have demonstrated proficiency in other areas.

Our inter- disciplinary teaching approaches are created by teams of teachers and feature the teaching of content standards through real world application. Students participate in activities and experiences that develop problem solving, critical thinking, and creativity.

Ask your child about school every day; make sure you always place a value on learning; work with us and your child to solve problems and address concerns; model the behaviors you want your child to display, as we make it a priority to model positive behaviors each and every day.

My hope is for all students to continue reaching their goals and achieve what intrinsically motivates them as an individual! I look forward to being a part of their educational journey!

Best Regards,

Pamela Lydon