Welcome to Music Class

All 6th and 7th graders at Sanford Junior High take General Music as one of their Allied Arts classes. We cover several music topics such as music theory, music history, rhythm and note reading, instruments, performance, and listening. All music students keep a notebook/folder since we have no music textbooks. 7th grade students can keep their notebooks in the music room or carry them with them, but they will need their notebooks everyday in class. 6th graders keep their folders in the music room.

Make Up

The make up policy in music class is that anyone can make up any assignment they wish. As long as the original assignment was turned in on time, students will receive full credit on their make up. If the assignment is turned in late, students can only bring their grade on that assignment up to an 85. If a student is absent for an extended period of time, please contact Mrs. Neubert to work out a plan for completing work that was missed. Mrs. Neubert is available after school for make up/help every day except Wednesday. Please contact Mrs.Neubert if you absent from school - it is the student’s responsibility to get their make up and pass it in. Please give Mrs. Neubert a days’ notice if you will be staying after school.

Please click on the link on the right to go to Mrs. Neubert’s Teacher Web page. Details for projects and assignments are on this page.