Substance abuse, including tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs, effects people of all ages. It also effects people who don't use at all--the families, friends, and co-workers of people who do use. Despite what popular culture tells and shows us everyday in music, TV, movies, and advertising, substance abuse just isn't cool--it is devastating.

We hope this page provides you with some help and direction whether you want to stop using or are just looking for more accurate information on one of the many drugs that continually pop up. If you have any feedback or resources you think we should include just send us an email.

Student Intervention Reintegration Program SIRP is an education based program for at-risk youth experimenting with alcohol or other drugs. The program empowers youth to make healthy decisions and reduce risk. A community champion conducts an informational meeting with parents and follows up with families to encourage success. For more info contact Connie Roux, croux@goodallhospital.org, Local SIRP Coordinator, 207-490-7704 ext 11