The following are frequently heard comments and complaints. The retorts are admittedly sassy but do get to the root of the problem...email us if you have something to add!

"But I don't know where to start!" Sure it can be overwhelming but according to Lau-tsu, a great Chinese philosopher, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Howzabout doing your homework, always a good place to start.

"This sooo boring; I can't stay awake!" ATTACK! Get off the couch, stop drooling on your book and take notes on the Who, What, Why, When, and Where of what you're reading.

"I guess I understand it . . ." Sorry, that just ain't good enough. Quiz yourself on the stuff you got wrong on the homework, class work, quizzes and tests. Correct and repeat until you are SURE you understand it.

"I knew it a minute ago . . ." Good luck on that test, Einstein! The more you study, the more you recall. If you're forgetting, freezing, or going blank it just means you have to spend more time with the material. Repetition is the key to successful studying.

"But I like to study in bed!" Get real. Lets get out of the cocoon and set up shop on your desk or the kitchen table. If that's not possible hit the library or the Dunkin' Donuts - wherever, as long as you're sitting upright at a table somewhere without lots of distractions. The closer your study area resembles the test area, the better you'll do - REALLY.

"Cramming before a test helps keep it fresh in my mind!" If only you had a fresh mind . . . all that material constipating your memory will most likely NOT make it out all at once onto that test, sorry to say. Recall increases as study time gets spread out over time. Study an hour or two per day, one week before the test and add on a little more time each day you get closer. Again, repetition is the key to successful studying. Can the cram!

"I'm gonna stay up all night 'til I get this!" Why, so you can fall asleep during the test? Come on. If you're exhausted you'll be worthless no matter what. Refer to the previous trap - spread out your studies over time. Remember, it's more important than ever to take care of yourself before an exam! Eat well, sleep well, and get some exercise for Pete's sakes!

"I'm not a good test taker." If you read all the suggestions before this and follow the advice, you will transform yourself into (gulp!) a GOOD TEST TAKER. Still not convinced? Then pre-test yourself. Create your own test with all the homework you got wrong, the notes you didn't understand, etc. Do it a few days before the test in class so you have time to see your teacher or classmates for help. Keep taking that test until you get it right and you will feel much more at ease when you finally take that test in class; after all, you've already taken it!