I. Clear and Effective Communicator

  1. The student uses oral, written, visual, artistic, and technological modes of expression to clearly and effectively communicate his/her ideas, beliefs, and understandings.
  2. The student can read, listen to, interpret and evaluate messages from various media sources.

II. Self-Directed Learner

  1. The student has explored and created both career and educational plans that reflect personal goals, interests, and abilities.
  2. The student has developed a variety of research skills and demonstrated a capacity for independent study.

III. Creative and Practical Problem Solver

  1. The student has observed situations objectively, been able to define problems clearly and accurately.
  2. The student has framed questions and designed data collection and analysis strategies from all disciplines to answer those questions.
  3. The student has identified patterns, trends, and relationships that apply to solutions to problems.
  4. The student has generated a variety of solutions, built a case for the best response, and evaluated critically its effectiveness of this response.

IV. Responsible Citizen

  1. The student has demonstrated responsibility and an awareness of others by participating in the required number of community service activities.
  2. The student has accepted responsibility for personal decisions and actions.
  3. The student has demonstrated an understanding of wellness in order to make lifelong decisions about his/her physical, mental, emotional, and social health.
  4. The student has recognized and respected the diverse nature of society.

V. Collaborative and Quality Worker

  1. The student has demonstrated personal reliability, flexibility, work ethic, and regard for quality.
  2. The student has practiced teamwork and collaboration in academic and/or co-curricular settings.

VI. Informed Thinker

  1. The student has demonstrated his/her understanding and knowledge of Computer Literacy/Technology, English Language Arts, Visual and Performing Arts, Health and Physical Education, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and Career Preparation.
  2. The student has applied his/her knowledge and skills in and across the core curriculum and electives.