ReadiStep - Given to all incoming freshman in the fall. Measures skills students need as they transition into high school. It provides insight into students’ academic progress and also equips educators with tools they can use to make informed decisions in the classroom.

P.S.A.T. - Given to all Maine sophomores (and interested juniors) on October 19 or 22, 2016. Practice test for the SAT (see below). Also enters you in NMSC scholarship programs and gives you access to My College Quickstart once you get your results. Juniors need to register in guidance by October 1st. Sophomores are automatically registered.

S.A.T. - Given to all Maine juniors on April 12, 2016. Necessary for application to most four year colleges. College-bound seniors are encouraged test again in the fall (seniors will need to register online, juniors do not). S.A.T. Test Prep - Start using these online prep tools regularly a few months before your test date to get the best scores you can.

S.A.T. ll - Subject tests required for some highly competitive colleges. (Sophomores taking AP Bio should take the Bio exam in the spring of their sophomore year while the info is fresh!)

Accuplacer - Given to seniors when required. A suite of tests that determines knowledge in math, reading and writing for students preparing to enroll in college-level courses. Often given in colleges to determine specific course placement, including remedial courses for those with low skill levels..

A.C.T. - An alternative to the SAT and SAT ll subject tests. Recognized by all colleges.

AP Exams - Mandatory for Sanford students in AP classes.

SAT/ACT Optional - Here's a list of 4 year colleges that do not require testing.