Principal's Message

To the Students of Sanford High School:

I welcome you to the 2017-2018 school year and final year at our Sanford High School's current location. For the Seniors, you will be the last graduating class from this building so let's make it the best year yet. For our underclassmen, this too will be an exciting year; however, we can also look forward to the completion of our new Career Pathways High School and Technical Center that will be ready for us to move into during the summer of 2018. I am excited and proud to be your Principal so let's have a great year Spartans!

We begin Block 1 at 7:50am daily and your attendance is extremely important to your success. Being on-time and in class will ensure your success at Sanford High School. This school year our bell schedule remains very similar to last year other than now having a 2:05pm dismissal time. We continue to have a 4 block schedule with Spartan Time after block 2 every day except Wednesdays when we have early release. Use Spartan Time wisely throughout the year. This is an opportunity to get extra help, continue to study for exams, work on projects, and learn something new. Personalized Learning Plans (PLP's) we again be done three times during the school year. Each year we, with the feedback of students, review our PLP content and schedule to provide you with lessons and information that should be extremely helpful to your future. This will also be helpful in providing underclassmen information about which Career Pathway they might want to proceed down in the new school.

Please, utilize all the resources and opportunities we have to offer here at Sanford High School! We have an excellent staff that is ready to assist you in any way we can. Do not be afraid to ask questions! Our goal is to prepare each and every one of you for a successful future. Be proud Sanford Spartans and remember our core values: Responsibility, Respect, Courage, Honesty, and Compassion. Together we will have an outstanding school year. Finish strong class of 2018, you are in the final stretch.

Best of luck in all you do this school year!

Your Principal,
Matthew Petermann