Dad Hack: One simple secret for getting teens to talk
"It’s taken me a lifetime of parenting to figure this Dad Hack out: Parents should not fix and solve everything for their children.
It’s a mantra every dad and mom should have tattooed on the inside of their eyelids. Personally, I got inked when my daughter was 13 years old. (read more)

The College Planning Guide was created by SHS counselor Greg MacDougal and is an excellent resource for students and parents who are about to navigate the often complicated college admissions process.

Parent Logins for Naviance are first initial last name (except for a few duplicates who must use their full first and last names) with their child's student ID with a lower case p. HOWEVER, if there is more than one child in a family attending school, use the oldest child's ID (except for seniors). All your children will show up on a list for you to choose from. If are two or more children in the same grade (twins, stay-backs, blended families) use the child's ID that is alphabetically first.

Student Intervention Reintegration Program SIRP is an education based program for at-risk youth experimenting with alcohol or other drugs. The program empowers youth to make healthy decisions and reduce risk. A community champion conducts an informational meeting with parents and follows up with families to encourage success. For more info contact Connie Roux, croux@goodallhospital.org, Local SIRP Coordinator, 207-490-7704 ext 11

Prescription and Over-the-Counter Drug abuse is on the rise among teens--are you informed? Cough medicine is increasingly popular which causes liver damage and can be deadly when not used as directed. Please familiarize yourself with this info; it could make the difference.

Think pot is a harmless for youth? Guess again...Marijuana poses serious risks for our teens. Have a look at this information, complete with references--get informed!

Clueless about your child's online life? Yoursphere for parents helps families lead healthy digital lives. You can sign-up for weekly updates; the latest was about the Facebook graph search and what it means to your privacy. Yoursphere offers the latest information about social networking sites (and the internet in general) and is full of information about the pros and cons of what these sites have to offer and how to navigate them. If you have children, grandchildren or no children, consider checking it out.

Parent Leadership Training Institute: A locally run gem of a program that is guaranteed to help any and all parents! Sanford Out of School Time Alliance: Working as a community cooperative to support Sanford youth through community building, mentoring and providing resiliency-based programming, the Sanford Out of School Time Alliance (SOOSTA) seeks ways to develop a central information clearinghouse for all out of school time activities in Sanford.

Where it all begins: Whether or not your child is feeling okay sets the tone for their day. If they come to school sick, hungry, tired, stressed, lonely or are worried that once they get to school they will feel threatened, humiliated, or distracted--chances are they are not going to learn much. Check out this fun video for more insight!

Help your child be a better student.

Is it really the teacher's fault?

Some helpful retorts to your child's comments. Be on the look out for those STUDY TRAPS.

How to support your child during a crisis. Educate yourself on the outside credit opportunities for your teen. MAINEPARENTS.NET- All Maine teens are at risk of underage drinking, and all Maine parents need to help keep their teens from underage drinking. The Maine Office of Substance Abuse offers resources to help you to monitor your teen for underage drinking with five tips. They also offer some information about how your own behavior can sometimes influence your teen's decisions about alcohol - even without your realizing it.

PARENT RESOURCE CENTER INC. - Their mission is to support parents and families with compassion and respect while providing training for the most important job you'll ever have. Located in Springvale.

The Massachusetts Children’s Trust Fund created One Tough Job to support parents by providing them with current, reliable, and practical information on a variety of parenting topics related to raising children from infancy through adolescence. They aim to provide a general overview of topics, drawing from a variety of reputable and reliable sources.

"The transition from high school to college is as challenging for family members as it is for college-going students. Family roles and relationships change, expectations and the nature of the involvement in each other's lives also changes...."