There are several ways for Sanford students to earn credit outside of an SHS classroom. Many students enroll in area community college classes, others set up ELO's and work with community members, while others take correspondence and online courses.
*Be sure to talk with your guidance counselor BEFORE you sign up for any outside credit opportunities.

MENTORING Are you contemplating a helping career like teaching, counseling, or medicine? A career working with people like politics or business? Mentoring younger students is a great way to develop valuable people skills while you're in high school--and earn credit too. Talk to your guidance counselor or Mrs. Fallon today!

ELO's (Extended Learning Opportunites)
Interested in an area or level of study that is beyond the scope of offerings at SHS? You may be able to participate in an ELO, a credit-yielding collaboration between a student, supporting teacher, and a community member.

MEVLC (Maine Virtual Learning Consortium) 207-370-3778
These online courses could be a good fit for self-motivated students who: 

  • are looking for a course that isn't offered at SHS.
  • don't have enough room or have a conflict in their schedule.
  • are strong in a subject (you can move faster and potentially learn more). 
  • struggle in a subject (you can move a bit slower and work 1-on-1 with a teacher online while utilizing a wide variety of online resources to get help).

MSSM (Maine School of Science and Mathematics)
Why mess around with the odd course when you could get all your credits elsewhere? MSSM is a tuition-free residential high school in northern Maine that caters specifically to motivated math and science students. Check 'em out!

These dual enrollment college-level courses provide high school AND college credits to students who: 

  • are looking for a course that isn't offered at SHS.
  • don't have enough room or have a conflict in their schedule.
  • want to start college early
  • have online courses available (YCCC online, SMCC online)

YCCC (York County Community College in Wells)

SMCC (Southern Maine Community College in South Portland)


Maine parents may choose to educate their children at home. Please visit Central Office to intitate this process. Parents take full responsibility for the child while the child is being homeschooled—they legally direct the child's education by choosing the curriculum, facilitating the process and determining academic needs. Homeschooling is funded exclusively by the parent.

REMEMBER: see your guidance counselor before you sign-up for any of these options!