The B.R.I.D.G.E. Program

Building Resiliency, Integrity, Determination, & Growth through Education

The B.R.I.D.G.E. Purpose:

The BRIDGE Program understands that, for a minority of students, the educational process is neither smooth nor linear. A number of interfering variables can adversely impact a student’s educational performance. Our mission is to promote skills that allow students to be successful as they pursue healthy educational opportunities.

The BRIDGE Program is a multi-disciplinary, collaborative program that emphasizes input from students, as well as, parents and teachers. Identifying variables obstructing success, developing and implementing a personalized learning plan that targets areas of need and co-constructing personalized, specific long term educational goals, are primary objectives of The Bridge Program.

The BRIDGE Program offers specialized instruction. Those students identified under special education will receive instruction in accordance with local, state, & federal guidelines stipulated in IDEA. Additionally, each student will participate in Affective Education and counseling to assist them in meeting their social and emotional needs. Examples of instruction include, but are not limited to: anger management, substance use education, conflict resolution, career education, service learning and adventure-based counseling. A unique offering of the BRIDGE Program will be the inclusion of parent education and support groups. This component is essential if the goal of creating lasting change for students is to be achieved. The process of shaping behavior from maladaptive to adaptive responses requires time, patience, and effort. By including the students’ parents and/or community providers, the likelihood of the student internalizing the new methods of response and generalizing pro-social behavior across all settings is significantly increased.

"Challenge yourself everyday to be better.
Remember, growth starts with a decision to move
beyond your present circumstances!"

~Robert Tew