Girl in class

We believe that a positive learning experience is vital for children to have a successful beginning in their life-long learning.

Because education is a shared responsibility between home and school, our staff invites you to join in this effort. Your involvement is both welcome and necessary.

The educational environment encourages all members to excel and achieve a high standard of performance resulting in steady and significant gains in academic and social achievement. We have focused curriculum leading toward mastery of academic and life skills as defined in the Maine Leaning results.

Our families are an integral part of the learning process. Our network of social services offers the school community opportunities to be active participants in our children's learning. Everyone is a participant in the Lafayette family.

Safety and Respect

While our students are with us at Lafayette, we will do out best to keep them safe, and provide them with a productive academic experience. We expect that they will be active participants in their process by following the classroom rules they help to establish and the school rules we have shared with you. By so doing, they will keep themselves and others safe, and treat each other with respect. Teasing, bullying, and harassing are unacceptable behaviors and will be dealt with appropriately. Our children need to know it is okay to ask for help and not let anyone scare them into being quiet. We want to teach children to be responsible for their own behavior and we want that behavior to be respectful.