Juggling at Willard
Juggling at Willard
Alexia Ortega
Friday, March 08, 2019

Juggling at Willard School


     Every Friday at 11:25, in the Memorial gym, a group of 5th grade students show up to practice their new discovered talent- Juggling!


     Since early September, juggling has been offered to any interested 5th graders to come to the gym, after their lunch, and learn how to juggle. When the group first started there was well over 50 students who showed interest. But as the school year progressed, it was a group of roughly 30 students who stayed committed. Students who attend juggling forfeit their outside recess for that day!


     Most students are very apprehensive when first learning, and many have to learn how to shift their attitude from “I can’t” to “I can try!”  Just making that shift with their thinking is what opens the door for them to be successful with learning this new skill.


     Students are taught with three building blocks for learning; verbal instruction, visual demonstration and hands on practice! Some students are excited that they learn so quickly, while others need a bit more practice to master the skills. Once a student learns to juggle 3 balls then they move on to other juggling props: rings, clubs and bouncing juggling balls.


     Other than learning how to juggle, students are introduced to other activities that complement juggling. Sticks for balancing, and Diabolos for catching and tossing. All of these activities help to improve mental clarity and focus, physical dexterity, hand eye coordination, breathing and self-confidence.


     Students who participate get to meet other kids who share like interests, and enjoy juggling together while listening to music. Juggling is a fun activity that supports a healthy school culture and climate!