Digital Citizenship
Digital Citizenship
Pam Lydon
Friday, December 07, 2018

8th Graders in Learning Community 1 have been learning about Digital Citizenship over the past four weeks. They recently learned about online "Scams & Schemes" and Identity Theft. The curriculum is from which is a website designed to provide online safety lessons and ideas geared toward educators, parents, and kids. The 8th graders then created their own scams which included three or more of the seven features. The seven features of "Scams & Schemes" that the students learned about were:
1) A sense of urgency
2) Spelling Errors
3) A need to verify account information
4) Alert that your account is in trouble
5) A link in email or advertisement
6) Too good to be true
7) Generic Greetings

Great Job LC 1 Students!