"The Sum of Our Experiences"
"The Sum of Our Experiences"
Lisa Blanchette
Wednesday, April 03, 2019

Very Special Art Work Added to the Hallway of SCAE.

Kristin Fitzpatrick’s Academic Art class was given the following assignment; “Visually describe your experience leading up to and at SCAE. Visually demonstrate the following principles of Art:  Rhythm, Movement, and Variety, and the elements of Art:  Value, Color and Line.”

Student Quotes within the work: 

“Darkness can lead to something brighter.”-AH 

“Don’t let one bad experience stand in the way of your future.”-SH 

“You’re going to run into obstacles in life; each one is a learning experience.”-HH

“The ‘road’ wasn’t and still isn’t easy, but if you work hard and keep going, the reward is priceless.”-SS